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Infanity: A Fandom Journal
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Subject: Pineapple Express (General Movie)
Batch: Batch #1 (1-10)
Themes: Artist choice (all of them)
Additional Notes: Some drug reference in the images. Caution advised. If used, please credit me. No, I don't mind if you customize these images. Fake cut takes you to my journal.

+7Collapse )
26th-May-2007 10:09 pm - Shutting down.
For real, this time. I don't use this journal as much. I'll still be around posting and what not. Here's where I can be found (links take you directly to my profiles):

the rolo realm

livejournal: mortal_belleza (friends only, but I'll most likely add you)
website: http://feb15th.net/appassionata/tmp

ETA (10/28/08): Opening back up soon. Don't have time to take care of a domain with life being so busy. Be on the lookout.
Someone asked me about my favorite pairings in the fandoms I generally read in, so here is a compilation of my favorite pairings. This is an on-going project and will be continuously updated, since I find a new pairing I like all the time. These pairings are in no particular order.

American Dragon: Jake LongCollapse )

Angel the SeriesCollapse )

Avatar: The Last AirbenderCollapse )

Battle RoyaleCollapse )

BerserkCollapse )

Black CatCollapse )

BleachCollapse )

Buffy the Vampire SlayerCollapse )

Codename: Kids Next DoorCollapse )

CSICollapse )

Dead or AliveCollapse )

Death NoteCollapse )

DegrassiCollapse )

Full Metal AlchemistCollapse )

Harry PotterCollapse )

Mortal KombatCollapse )

My So-Called LifeCollapse )

PassionsCollapse )

ShenmueCollapse )

SSXCollapse )

Street FighterCollapse )

Teen TitansCollapse )

Vampire DiariesCollapse )

X-MenCollapse )

WrestlingCollapse )

Crossover PairingsCollapse )
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